KGold 4MM Real Sapphire Rainbow Half Round Ring K金4MM真藍寶石彩虹半圈戒指 (JR080/4MM)

Color: 10K White Gold
  • 材質: 10K/18K及真藍寶石及頂級蘇聯石碎鑽/真鑽石
  • 尺寸: 4MM
  • K金產品現貨有限, 如需訂製需時3-4星期內, 如需訂製尺寸或PT材質詳情可向我們的客服查詢及報價
  • 快速查詢熱線/Whatsapp: +852 9019 1491
  • 其他聯絡方法:微信/Line: wowfashionhk
  • 10K/18K gold  and Real Sapphire with Cubic Zirconia/Real Diamond
  • Size: 4MM
  • KGold products in limited quantity,  the production time is expected to be 3-4 weeks if need to order. Please contact customer service for special ring size or PT material
  • Contact/Whatsapp:+852 9019 1491
  • Email:

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